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Monli is an International Trade consultancy firm specialized in China and Asian markets, where it has been operating since 1995 with its own representative offices, and  in European market, from its base in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, Monli also met the needs of internationalization of many companies through its own structure and with the support of local agents Monli has around.

More than 20 years of experience in the development of strategies and business plans and marketing, and its excellent team of skilled professionals which include consultants, economists, lawyers and other professional talents behind us as experts in the field, with a great background in knowledge in different areas that allow us to provide the right solution for export, import, implementation, consulting international trade, etc.

For example, Monli has promoted the signing of collaboration agreements between Spanish and Chinese institutions, developed market research and strategic positioning plans, has introduced various products of several sectors in Chinese and Asian market, food, industrial, services, performed commercial and industrial implantation of different sectors and in different geographical areas of China. support both the import and export of products and services in China, and give seminars for Spanish Chambers of Commerce, ICEX, and different courses on international trade for Postgraduates at universities such as UAB, ESADE CSEC, or courses in various international companies established in China to give lectures explain their managers and desk officers, concerning negotiation protocols and cross-cultural management  with the Asian markets.

An example of this was the organization, coordination and management of the Spain Pavillion Shop in Shanghai Expo 2010, which included the participation of multinational Spanish companies, as Pastas Gallo, Mango, Lladro, Freixenet, Natura Bissé, Tous, Pikolinos, Panama Jack, Adolfo Dominguez, Scalextric, La Española … , from different sectors such as food, clothing jewelry, etc. for wich we/MONLI prepare import arrangements, customs procedures, translation of labels and leaflets, logistics, recruitment, training, sales and stock control, repatriation of capital, ..



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