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Business services

Monli is the consulting international trade firm that will allow your business to face the challenges of the Chinese or the European market with the best guarantees. Obtain relevant and reliable information to the right decision-making, and count on the cooperation of experts and responsible people to support us in the actions in the field, is essential to carry out any project in a new market or even develop actions where we have not our own staff.

Each company is different and has its own needs and experience in international market, and require tailored services that meet their expectations and challenges, Monli has the knowledge and tools and personnel needed to carry out the tasks of both research and analysis Information facilitate decision-making, and for the implementation of in-situ actions, with a wide range of services, from market research, analysis of strategies, such as seeking customers or suppliers, support for international on-site department, preparation agendas of interviews, contact tracing, trademarks, industrial or commercial launch of the company, etc. In addition to providing training to sales teams and staff required to deal with the Asian markets, avoiding the culture shock deciphering the meaning of the Chinese responses and showing the best performance for the best possible understanding



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